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CSS Exam Eligibility Criteria


1(i). A candidate for admission to the examination must have attained the age of21 years and not over 30 years on 31st December, 2016 (i.e. a candidate born on or before 31st December 1986 and on or after 2nd January, 1996 will not be eligible), except the candidate falling in the categories mentioned above.
1(ii). where any candidate born on or before 31st December, 1984and born on or after 2nd January, 1996 will not be eligible.
1(iii). The cut off date for determining the eligibility of the candidate in terms of age, qualifications, domicile, etc.,is 31st December, 2016.


2(i). The upper age limit will be relaxed by two years up to the age of 32 years. Candidate show their documents/certificate to prove their age.For More Info…


3(i). The date of birth accepted by the Commission is that entered in the following documents:

  • Matriculation Certificate;
  • Secondary or Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate;
  • Certificate of birth from the Principal/Headmaster of the School from where a candidate has passed his/her GEC, ‘O’level or equivalent examination, showing the date of birth in the School Admission Register;
  • In case of Christian candidates, Baptismal or birth registration certificate.

(ii). The decision as to which certificate may be accepted for the purpose of date of birth rests with the Commission.
(iii). Once a date of birth has been claimed by a candidate and accepted by the Commission for the purpose of admission to an examination, no change will be allowed at  a subsequent examination or selection.


4(i). A candidate must hold at least a Second Division or Grade “C” Bachelor’s degree in any faculty of one of the Pakistani Universities or an equivalent degree or comparable educational qualifications of  a foreign University recognized by Higher Education Commission, Islamabad.


5(i). Candidates for the examination must be a citizen of Pakistan or a person deriving his/her nationality from the State of Jammu and Kashmir.
5(ii). A candidate who has married a person who is not a citizen of Pakistan shall not be eligible for appointment provided that a person who marries a “foreign national of any country recognized by Federal Government” with the prior permission of Government may be regarded as eligible for appointment.


6(i). Seats earmarked for prescribed provincial/regional quotas shall be allocated to candidates on the basis of the domicile certificate issued by the competent authority in accordance with the law and the rules.
6(ii). A candidate who has acquired the citizenship of Pakistan by registration under the Pakistan Citizenship Act and the Rules made there under should attach to the application anattested copy of the certificate of citizen-ship. A candidate who has not been registered as a citizen of Pakistan but claims that he/she should be deemed to be citizen of Pakistan under the Pakistan Citizenship Act should submit proof to the effect that he/she fulfills the conditions on the basis of which he/she claims to be deemed as a citizen of Pakistan. A candidate who derives his/her nationality from the State of Jammu and Kashmir should attach to the application a certificate issued by the Kashmir Affairs Division duly signed by the Deputy Secretary (Admin) in support of his/her claim.
6(iii). Only those candidates shall be considered for vacancies reserved for Azad Jammu and Kashmir whose application forms for the Competitive Examination are accompanied by domicile certificate alongwith Permanent Residence Certificate ,issued by the Kashmir Affairs Division duly signed by the Deputy Secretary (Admn) of that territory. No such certificates shall be accepted at any later stage.

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